We Change, then We Adapt

I’ve been speaking about change for years.  You know what I’ve learned? Change is only change for so long.  It’s no longer change when today’s thing is the same as yesterday’s thing.

How we approach change is of course critical.  It shapes our actions and even who we are.  We all know this, but we have all had to re-learn it over the last while.

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like I’m plugging a new product (which I guess I sort of might be), but like everyone else these last few months have forced me to change.  Instead of flying to venues and seeing people, I’ve gone virtual.  Now I peer out at people through my computer screen while sitting on an office chair, which has become my new stage.  My pictures on the walls are now virtual blackboards and video screens. 

But I have to admit it wasn’t easy to adapt.  At least not to start.  I’ve always loved being on stage and did virtual talks only as needed.  I don’t really like being on camera.  But I had a choice.  Curl up into a protective ball and wait for a vaccine… or change.  I decided on the latter. 

And guess what?  It’s actually a lot of fun.

I’ve learned a thing or two about cameras and about editing.  I’ve learned how to talk to people who aren’t there.  And after the last couple of conferences, it’s no longer change.  It’s new, but it’s no longer “change”.  At some point the fear I had about change became just a new way of doing things.

This week, consider how dressing up as an asbestos remover to get groceries has become routine. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ve adapted.

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