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Paul's World Famous Conference Ending Summary

Imagine the impact of ending your conference with a wrap-up that reinforces your key messages and leaves people feeling great about the event.

It’s a conference closing like no other. All of the key lessons, messages, and highlights of your conference are played back to your delegates as a comic summary. Paul uses his wit, imagination, and talent as a performer and educator to summarize your convention with respectful comedy, amazing re-enactments, engaging visuals and even the occasional song. There is nobody else in the industry who does this.

Paul’s insightful and hilarious spin on events focusses on your business content and your people. They will leave laughing with great memories of your conference. Paul’s World Famous Conference Ending Summary is the perfect way to guarantee that you end on a high note.

Reinventing Normal

Now is the time to Reinvent Normal.  As everyone talks about getting back to normal, this talk asks the big question…  Why?  Was your old normal everything you wanted it to be?

At work and at home, it’s time to break old habits and routines.  It’s time to make things better.

Reinventing Normal helps you find your strengths and rebuild what you do for yourself and for others.   What are you good at?  What should you do more?  What have you done in the past that can be better than it was?

After a difficult time, regrouping is needed.  How we interact at work and school could be different.  Reinventing Normal helps you learn how to stay positive, be ready for uncertainty, and find and use your skills to make you a better leader — and a better follower.

It’s a time of profound change.  Don’t miss the opportunity to build new.

Humour, Resilience, and Change

Now more than ever change at work is inevitable.  Laughing at it is not, but it’s the best way to manage through difficult times.  This talk teaches how to face the inevitable and turn your workplace back into one that’s productive and fun. Put the excitement back into going to work in the morning, whether it’s at the office or in your dining room home office.

Your group will learn how to deal with stress, change, and conflicting demands and not let the negatives get in the way of work.  Create a resilient team, one that’s aware that each individual may deal with change in a different way, so that they will be able to move forward in any environment.

They’ll also laugh throughout the session and won’t even know they’re learning.

Humour Habits for Workplace Wellness

Paul’s most requested talk. Humour Habits is a hilarious keynote which teaches wellness, celebrates accomplishments, and provides simple tactics for your people to use back at the office and in their personal lives.

Inspirational and funny. Participants learn strategies to focus on their business goals, stay balanced in a sometimes unbalanced world, and adapt to changes within your organization. It’s a high-energy presentation that reinforces your organization’s values while promoting personal and professional growth.

Humour Habits is ideal for people who work in stressful environments. It’s an excellent way to say ‘thank you’ to your staff and show them that they are important to your organization. Your employees will leave with a greater sense of community and wellbeing, the perfect ingredients for higher productivity and greater commitment to the success of the company or association. Paul works closely with you to understand your needs and personalize the keynote to reflect your uniqueness and goals.

Everybody Stay Calm

How to Thrive in Stressful Times

Workplace a Virtual Stressplace? Have resources been stretched to new levels? Is everyone working harder than ever in this changing environment?

It’s time to step back, take a deep breath, laugh, and learn techniques to stay calm when things get stressful.  Paul will help relieve your business stress by teaching your group how to do more than just cope – they’ll learn to thrive with these changing times.

The talk discusses what stress is, what happens to your body under stress, and what happens to your mind when it’s trying to make sense of it all. Your people will learn how to be well, work better together, and focus on how to stay calm even on the toughest, most challenging days. 

Everybody Stay Calm is also a lot of fun. It’s low stress learning and a great break from the usual sessions of a conference. 

And – It’s a sure way to show your team that you value them.

Climb Your Mountain

The unEverest Keynote

Follow Paul to the top of Mt Fuji, the perfect mountain to climb, because you can climb it too.  It’s not Everest. It’s Mt Fuji, the mountain that 400,000 people – including grandparents and children – climb every year.

Mt Fuji is the setting to learn about how to achieve your goals. The mountain forced Paul to face obstacles, stay focussed and laugh at challenges. It also gave him a great opportunity to learn to enjoy the view on the way to the summit. And if he can do it, you can too.

Presented with breath-taking images and compelling video, this keynote is an adventure that will inspire you to find opportunities, follow your dreams, and be your best.

We can’t all climb Mt Everest, or Mt Fuji, but we can scale the mountains we need to in our own lives.

Master of Ceremonies

With years of speaking and acting experience, Paul is the hilarious and charming glue that holds your conference together. Working with the unique traits of each audience, Paul ensures they stay connected and have fun as he supports your agenda, content and timelines.

Make your conference glide smoothly with Paul’s unique brand of humour, inspirational insights and clever antics, all within the limits of your carefully prepared structure. Acting as host for a one evening event or throughout the conference, Paul ties it all together.

Paul works with you to develop an effective balance of hosting and reflecting on your key messages and business objectives.

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